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Intro To STARSkate


What can you expect?

Skaters must have passed CanSkate Stage 3 level and working up to/including STAR 2 tests. The session is taught in a group format as skaters work with a dedicated coach and will start to work towards independent practice. 

Our Intro STARSkate session (CanSkate Stages 4 – 6) will include 10 minute warm-up, 45 minute group lesson (group size generally about 10 children per group), and a 5  minute cool-down.

Skaters will continue to learn the basic fundamentals of skating (Agility, Balance and Control). 

Skaters progress at their own rate and coaches make sessions active using teaching aids, upbeat music and a wide variety of activities that create a motivational environment and promote learning. Like the CanSkate session skaters with receive badges, ribbons and other incentives are used to benchmark skaters’ progress and reward effort and participation. Upon the completion of CanSkate Level 5 the program coordinator will notify the parent of the skaters completion as at this level the skater will be allowed to remove their helmet.

An alternative to a skating helmet while the skater continues to work on CanSkate level 6-StarSkate 2 is an Ice Halo.